Course Length: Half Day

Planning a presentation but need help with your Powerpoint slides? This class assumes you already know your way around the program. Instead, this class focuses on using Powerpoint as ONE tool to help reinforce key points – without overdoing it. Our approach won't let you get away with thinking, "I SHOULD do it because I CAN do it."

Course Content

• Knowing when and when NOT to use Powerpoint.
• Avoiding the most common Powerpoint "potholes."
• Using several tools to present key information and keep interest.
• Choosing the "right" fonts for presentations.
• Editing your slides to reveal what's most important.
• Selecting appropriate colors for your Powerpoint palette.
• Developing discernment in your graphics choices.
• Learning the art of not "overdoing it."
• Making your Powerpoint slides useful over the long term.


1. Create presentations that people enjoy and remember.
2. Communicate more effectively through better organization.
3. Develop a "reader-friendly" approach in all your presentations.
4. Learn to use Powerpoint as an aid, not as your presentation itself.
5. Protect your audience from "Powerpoint poison."

Course Workbook
Jordan Peabody's
Using Powerpoint Effectively
(Image Coming Soon.)
Course Calendar
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