BEFORE YOU HIT "SEND" ( aka Writing Emails)

Course Length: 1 Day

This course will give writers professional tools for electronic messaging. It will help you gain key skills in handling email. You will learn the Plain Talk approach of electronic messaging that provides the right tone for customers and saves you from embarrassing, costly, or legal mistakes.

Course Content

• Handle email as a pro.
• Write clear, concise, customer-based messages.
• Use each part of the email format to talk “straight” to your customers – from
 the “To” line to your signature block.
• Create a personal checklist for how and when to use attachments.
• Create a personal checklist for writing Plain Talk email.
• Develop a workable process to manage and prioritize electronic messages.
• Consider how to speak electronically to your international customers.


1. Know when and when not to send email.
2. Understand why email is such a unique form of communication.
3. Recognize the importance of an email's structure and format.
4. Word your emails clearly and concisely.
5. Protect yourself and your agency from costly email mistakes.

Jordan Peabody's
Before You Hit "SEND": Writing Emails

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