Course Length: 2 Days
State employees are often asked to write instructional material — from a few pages of instruction to an entire desk manual. To be useable, these instructions must be clear, direct, and well formatted.

This two-day course focuses on managing the preparation process, choosing formats, using visuals, proofreading the final copy, and measuring readability.

• Understand customer needs.
• Use simple language.
• Include only important information.
• Keep sentences and paragraphs short.
• Use active sentences.
• Use key personal pronouns such as "we" and "you."
• Design clear pages.


1. Understand why so many manuals fail.
2. Learn to manage your own preparation of a document.
3. Create a "plain language" manual that's easy to follow.
4. Overcome pesky grammar mistakes.
5. Choose the "right" format for your instructions
6. Pick up some quick proofreading pointers.
7. Measure the readability of your information.

Jordan Peabody's
Writing Manuals and Instruction Materials workbook.
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