You've reached the online home of writing consultant Jordan Peabody and Peabody Communications.
Peabody Communications specializes in teaching working professionals how to create clear business and technical documents.

Since 2001, Peabody Communications has trained hundreds of writers for private companies, along with cities, counties and state agencies throughout the U.S.

On a project basis, Peabody Communications also edits and revises documents for public and private organizations, law enforcement agencies, and universities around the country.

That's where Peabody Communications comes in. Our goal is to simplify (and demystify) the business writing trade for you.

Our mission is to:

  • Make writing for work easier.

  • Teach the value of plain language.
Check out our complete list of writing courses to find which one best suits your needs.
If you've attended one of our classes recently, you heard us mention a number of downloads available from here. We've got a growing list of helpful class handouts and articles on plain language, readability, and usability.
Peabody Communications
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